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We’ll do our best to advise you by text or mobile phone if your Bluebridge Cook Strait ferry sailing is delayed or cancelled due to bad weather. Under these circumstances we offer all of our customers the option of a full refund or transfer to the first available scheduled sailing.

For the most part our ships glide peacefully back and forth across calm seas, carrying happy passengers to the Marlborough vineyards or to visit our capital city, Wellington. Often the crossing is idyllic and many days are at least comfortable since only a portion of the voyage is spent in open water. The rest of the time passengers cruise through Wellington Harbour and the sheltered Queen Charlotte Sound in Marlborough.

Unfortunately Cook Strait can also be one of the world’s roughest stretches of water. It’s part of the westerly wind belt known as the Roaring Forties. As the only gap between the mountainous main islands of the country, the strait acts like a wind tunnel. So from time to time we will cancel or delay a sailing to ensure passenger comfort and safety. For up-to-the-minute changes or to confirm your sailing time, please contact us.

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