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Luggage and extras

Find out what you can bring with you on your Cook Strait ferry sailing with Bluebridge, including hand luggage and checked-in bags. There may be a small charge for taking your pet or sporting equipment.

Checked-in luggage

Our checked-in luggage allowance permits up to a maximum of two bags (up to 30kg per bag) per passenger. If you need to take additional luggage or items this is available for $10/bag. Please note there is no luggage limit restriction for passengers taking vehicles as luggage will remain in your car.

Hand luggage

Please consider other passengers when bringing your hand luggage onboard. We advise keeping your hand luggage to one small item no heavier than 7kgs (plus a handbag) per passenger.

Sporting equipment and extras

If you are a walk-on passenger a charge of $10 applies to additional items such as surfboards, Golf clubs, Ski's etc. Bikes are free of charge.

For safety reasons, we can only carry kayaks and canoes if they are lashed to the roof of your vehicle or on a trailer towed by your vehicle. To find out more contact us.

Items on the roof of your vehicle, e.g. a kayak, that are longer than your vehicle won’t be charged for the extra length as long as we’re able to safely park another vehicle under the overhang. If we’re unable to do that, please be prepared to pay for the extra length of the overhang.

Musical Instruments

All Musical Instruments must be checked in. Musical Instruments are not permitted to be taken on-board or played on-board.

Travelling with pets

You are welcome to bring a pet on-board but it must be kept either in your own vehicle or in a kennel on the vehicle deck during the journey. Find out more here.

Travelling with firearms or hazardous goods

All firearms must be declared when checking in. The same applies to any hazardous goods such as corrosive acids, explosives or flammable products including fireworks.


Our liquor licence means that only alcohol purchased on the ship can be consumed on board. Drinking of alcohol is not permitted in the terminals or on premises. All alcohol must be declared and checked in if you are travelling on foot i.e it cannot be carried as hand luggage. 

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