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Technical difficulties

Take a look at our frequently asked questions regarding web technical problems, below.

Frequently asked technical questions

Pop-up blocker?

Make sure that your internet browser is set to "always allow pop-ups for this site".  If your internet browser is preventing pop-ups on our site then you may not be able to view certain pages or information windows.

It's saying you don't have a Security certificate?

Our booking engine is completely secure but there is a chance that your computer is displaying a message saying that it isn't. Computers should automatically update security certificates but if this is not happening on yours you will have to update it manually. Certificates are usually updated using the windows update. The most recent update can be downloaded from this Microsoft web page

Do I need to enable cookies?

We do recommend that cookies are enabled for our website.

Internet history files?

Sometimes, refreshing your cache and deleting your Internet history files helps websites to work better. This is normally done by going into Tools > Internet Options > Delete Files.

Latest software?

If you continue to experience issues with our site, then we would recommend upgrading to the latest version of your internet browser. However, Bluebridge cannot be held liable for any software you chose to download to your machine.

My Travel Agent login details don't appear to work?

Sorry, it is possible that after a system update a password may accidentally reset itself. Please give our agent priority line a call on 0800 761 762 so we can help reset your agency password and have your online booking portal back up and running in no time!

How do I add a bicycle on to my booking?

If you can't see the option to add a bicycle to your booking on your screen your browser may be experiencing compatibility issues with our booking process. Try selecting Tools and ensuring that 'compatibility mode' is checked.  


Finally, if our site is temporarily unavailable or our site is undergoing maintenance then you will see a holding page. We will try to keep these disruptions to a minimum.

If you are still unable to view our website, or you fail to make a booking because of a problem with our website, please contact our call centre.

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