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Check out the latest Bluebridge ferry timetable, valid from 06 November 2016 - 06 May 2017. Planning to travel after this date? View next season's timetable here. For up-to-the-minute changes, confirm your sailing time by calling 0800 844 844 or +64 4 471 6188 (for international travellers).


Wellington to Picton

Ferry timetable - Wellington to Picton
Departs Wellington Arrives Picton Vessel
2:30am Private cabins available Sleeper Service available 6:00am Straitsman
(Sleeper Service, does not operate on Saturday or Sunday)
8:00am Private cabins available 11:30am Strait Feronia
1:30pm Private cabins available 5:00pm Straitsman
8:45pm Private cabins available Freight-only sailings 12:15am Strait Feronia
(does not operate on a Saturday)

Picton to Wellington

Ferry timetable - Picton to Wellington
Departs Picton Arrives Wellington Vessel
8:00am Private cabins available 11:30am Straitsman
(does not operate on a Saturday)
2:00pm Private cabins available 5:30pm Strait Feronia
7:00pm Private cabins available 10:30pm Straitsman

Key to sailing services

Sleeper Service available Sleeper Service available.

Private cabins available Private cabins available.

Freight-only sailings Freight-only sailing. This sailing has limited space for passengers with vehicles only. 


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