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Check out the latest Bluebridge ferry timetable, valid from 06 November 2016 - 06 May 2017. Planning to travel after this date? View next season's timetable here. For up-to-the-minute changes, confirm your sailing time by calling 0800 844 844 or +64 4 471 6188 (for international travellers).


Wellington to Picton

Ferry timetable - Wellington to Picton
Departs Wellington Arrives Picton Vessel
2:30am Private cabins available Sleeper Service available 6:00am Straitsman
(Sleeper Service, does not operate on Saturday or Sunday)
8:00am Private cabins available 11:30am Strait Feronia
1:30pm Private cabins available 5:00pm Straitsman
8:45pm Private cabins available Freight-only sailings 12:15am Strait Feronia
(does not operate on a Saturday)

Picton to Wellington

Ferry timetable - Picton to Wellington
Departs Picton Arrives Wellington Vessel
8:00am Private cabins available 11:30am Straitsman
(does not operate on a Saturday)
2:00pm Private cabins available 5:30pm Strait Feronia
7:00pm Private cabins available 10:30pm Straitsman

Key to sailing services

Sleeper Service available Sleeper Service available.

Private cabins available Private cabins available.

Freight-only sailings Freight-only sailing. This sailing has limited space for passengers with vehicles only. 


Dry Dock:
The Strait Feronia will be going to dry dock - a compulsory bi-annual warrant of fitness that we are required to undertake by Maritime Law. The Strait Feronia will depart on Saturday 24 June 2017 and will return to service for the 8.00am departure on Wednesday 19 July 2017. During this period we will not be taking any new bookings.

We thank you for your patience during this time. 


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