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Our story

Our company

Since we first set sail across the Strait in 2002, we’ve worked hard to improve our service with every sailing to give you a truly unique onboard experience. Check out our latest sailing timetable or book now to experience Bluebridge for yourself. 

Strait Shipping beginnings

Jim Barker is the kind of man who sees opportunities not problems. As the founder of Strait Shipping Jim introduced a new shipping service into Cook Strait in 1992. He didn't do it because he was tempted by a life at sea, but because he needed a competitive, reliable way to shift livestock between the North and South Islands. With escalating prices and frequent disruptions, he saw no way around it – he had to get his own ship.

Along with three other shareholders, Jim located the MV Straitsman in Tasmania – a small walk-on walk-off ro-ro with pens able to carry 400 cattle. The ship made its inaugural sailing in May 1992. Our newest ship is renamed after this iconic first boat.


Growth into freight

From these early beginnings we expanded our services to meet the growing demands of transport companies, introducing healthy competition and exciting changes to the Cook Strait route. Our next ship, the Suilven from Scotland, signalled the start of Freightlines (part of our group link) and captured the needs of the freight market.

Next came the Kent from Ireland, capable of carrying 30 trucks compared to 13 on the Suilven. This increase in capacity opened up a better quality service for our freight customers and the ability to offer more sailings with up to four a day.


Bluebridge passenger services

Our decision to launch a passenger service that gave travelers a true Kiwi experience when crossing Cook Strait – and again introduce competition to what was a monopoly market – was another major leap forward.

So in early 2002, after a long search to find the Santa Regina, Bluebridge was born.

In order to keep up with the demand for another passenger service on Cook Strait we introduced the Monte Stello in 2006 which was upgraded with the introduction of the Straitsman in 2010.

After many great years servicing our passengers needs on Cook Strait the Santa Regina retired in June 2015 when it stepped aside for the Strait Feronia - our most recent addition to our fleet. 

Today we carry passengers and vehicles between Wellington and Picton up to four times daily on both the Straitsman and the Strait Feronia. 


Our fleet over the years from early beginnings to now

MV Straitsman (the original)Original Straitsman

MV Straitsman was Strait Shipping's first vessel, with an overall length of 62.52 metres and a gross tonnage of 726 tonnes. Used to transport livestock, the Straitsman launched Strait Shipping's service across Cook Strait between Wellington, Picton and Nelson in 1992. The Straitsman operated continuous service until the introduction of MV Santa Regina in 2002.


MV SuilvenSuilven

MV Suilven was the second ship to join Strait Shipping, with a gross tonnage of 3638 tonnes and 250 lane metres. She entered service in 1995 and for seven years ran between Wellington and Picton before being sailing the Wellington to Nelson service in late 2002. During this time she sailed three round trips a week for freight and a small number of passengers. In April 2004 the Suilven was sold. 


MV KentMV Kent

The MV Kent was purchased from Ireland in 2001 and originally utilised on the Cook Strait run, doing a weekly service from Wellington to Nelson. In January 2007 she began a coastal service moving containers and general freight between the ports of Wellington, Nelson and Napier and later Lyttelton. At just 7,000 tonnes, the Kent had a service speed of 15 knots and a capacity of 1,100 lane metres. The Kent was sold in 2010. 


MV Santa ReginaSanta Regina

In December 2002 the MV Santa Regina came into operation and launched Strait Shipping’s passenger service, known as Bluebridge. The Santa Regina was built in 1985 and had an overall length of 136m with 1300 lane metres. The Santa Regina was able to take 400 passengers and retired from service in June 2015 after many great years of servicing our customers’ needs between Wellington and Picton. 


MV Monte StelloMonte Stello

In 2006 the Monte Stello was introduced to the fleet providing added capacity to the growing passenger market. The Monte Stello was built in 1979 and had an overall length of 126.50 carrying up to 300 passengers. The Monte Stello was sold in 2010 and was replaced by the MV Straitsman.   


MV StraitsmanStraitsman

Built in 2005, the Danish designed and Dutch built Straitsman is the most modern vessel sailing Cook Strait today. Formerly called the Dueodde, the ship joined our fleet in 2010. The ship was renamed in recognition of Strait Shipping’s first vessel, which was in service for 11 years from when the company first launched in 1992. The Straitsman is the greenest ship to cross the Strait with a range of eco-friendly features. The vessel is 125 metres long, takes 40 trucks, 150 cars and up to 400 passengers. Other features include a contemporary Scandinavian interior, comfortable modern private cabins, reclining seats, café, reception area, family area, viewing lounge, extensive decking, toilets and family change areas.


MV Strait Feronia

Strait Feronia in Wellington Harbour

Built in 1997, the Italian designed and built Strait Feronia has the ability to take up to 150 cars and 400 passengers. Prior to entering service in New Zealand the vessel received a full refurbishment of the public areas to meet our customer’s needs. The refurbishment included the introduction of a movie lounge, quiet lounge, family room, working station and an upgrade to the café and bar area. Formally called the Stena Feronia, the ship joined our fleet in June 2015. The vessel was renamed Strait Feronia recognising its past heritage and its future with Strait Shipping.  


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