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The trip

Free wifi

Free WiFi is available in the passenger areas inside terminals and on board both our vessels. So now it's possible to plan your holiday itinerary, post Facebook updates, tweet, email, shop and surf the web whilst crossing Cook Strait! We thought we’d answer a few questions here that you may have regarding the service.

All about FREE WiFi!

What is Bluebridge FREE WiFi?

It’s free and public and means our passengers can surf the internet from inside our terminals and on board both ships.

What are the terms and conditions of use?

As you’d expect, there are some terms & conditions. It’s standard stuff like blocking illegal or objectionable content and making sure the bandwidth is fairly shared between passengers. You can see the full Ts&Cs when you join the network.

Where can I get it?

Wi-Fi is available in the passenger areas inside the terminals and the ships. Just look for the “Free Wi-Fi Area” signs.

What technology is involved?

Large 3G aerials have been fitted to the Bluebridge ferries, which send signals to the wireless access points fitted across the vessels. At sea, speeds will vary depending on usage and because the service relies on the 3G mobile phone network, there is a possibility that coverage may drop out due to atmospheric conditions and signal strength on occasion. At sea, if you can’t reach a website please try again in 15 minutes or so.

How do I surf Cook Strait for free?

Free wifi 1. Select “BluebridgeFreeWiFi” from your available wireless network list or on your wireless network control panel.

2. Open your web browser and connect to a website.

3. Our Free WiFi Terms & Conditions screen will appear. Hit the big blue button and then you’re all set! If you have any questions, just ask our friendly staff.

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