Terms and Conditions

Find out about fare conditions and information regarding refund, payment and transfer policies.


The sailing I want to travel on is all sold-out, what are my options?

As cancellations occur, the availability on our website will update in real-time so be sure to keep checking back to see if space has become available on your preferred sailing.  Please note we do not operate a waitlist facility.

I booked online but don’t think I received my e-ticket, can I please have one?

Please email Bluebridge.Bookings@straitnz.co.nz with your booking reference (if known) in the subject line.

I think I may have accidentally double booked myself on your ferry. How do I organise a cancellation and refund for the duplicate booking?

Please email Bluebridge.Bookings@straitnz.co.nz with your booking references in the subject line (if known) along with a contact number and we’ll do our best to process your refund immediately.  Please note that we do not store your credit card details so to process the refund we will need to be able to get in contact with you first.

I need to change my sailing dates/times, how do I do this?

Please click here to change your booking, use your booking reference and the new sailing information so you can amend your booking if possible. In case of any help, please email Bluebridge.Bookings@straitnz.co.nz.

I think the height of my campervan/motorhome is incorrect on my booking, will that be a problem?

No this is not an issue for your booking with us. So long as the length of the motorhome/campervan is correct in your booking there won't be any problems when you check-in.

Why is the 8.45pm departure from Wellington so restricted by space?

This is a dedicated freight sailing so space is restricted to only a few non-freight customers due to the laws that govern the shipment of dangerous goods at sea. Limited food and beverage services are available on this sailing but you'll still be able to grab a bite to eat and enjoy our free movies plus free wi-fi.

What can I do if my sailing has been cancelled or delayed?

At Bluebridge, we recognise that getting from A to B is important to you so we do our very best to make sure our sailings happen when we say they will.

Unfortunately, there are times where we need to delay or cancel sailings. We will always try to minimise disruptions to you but sometimes they happen. As an example, the weather in the Cook Strait can be very rough and may mean that sailings need to be delayed or cancelled to ensure your comfort and safety.

If your sailing is cancelled or delayed, we will try to contact you as soon as possible to help you with next steps. You can also talk to us about changes to our sailing timetable or confirm if your sailing is going ahead if you like.

You may have rights under consumer laws like the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 if your sailing is cancelled or delayed. If the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 applies, options that may be available to you include:

  • being booked onto the next available sailing;
  • a refund of your sailing fare; and / or
  • compensation for costs that you have experienced because of the cancelled or delayed sailing (if your costs were reasonably foreseeable).

The rights available to you depend on the situation and can be on a case-by-case basis. Events that are outside of our control are not usually covered by the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993. You can find out more about how the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 works, and what options you have, by clicking here.

Please contact us here if your sailing has been delayed or cancelled, and you would like to make a request about your costs. Our team are happy to support you. We encourage you to keep proof of your costs to assist with any requests you make.

Different rules may apply for businesses using our services for business purposes.



I'll be driving a rental car so won’t know my vehicle make or registration until I pick it up, can I still book online?

Yes you can. In the ‘make’ drop-down box please select “Rental Vehicle” and then in the ‘registration’ box please enter TBA (to be advised). Please see the question below for important information regarding rental cars on Cook Strait ferries.

Can I take my rental car on the ferry?

We carry most vehicles including rental cars. Please note that Europcar, Hertz, Ace rentals and Thrifty do not allow their vehicles to cross so they have depots in both Wellington and Picton Terminals for you to uplift another vehicle. If hiring from one of these companies you should book yourself on us as a foot passenger.

Other rental car hire companies may allow the vehicle to cross on us so that you can simply drive on and drive off at the other end - retaining the same vehicle throughout your journey. Please double-check with your rental car provider BEFORE you make your ferry booking with us.

Can I drop my rental vehicle off at your ferry terminal and then collect one from your ferry terminal on the other side?

This all depends on the company you are hiring the vehicle with but many do allow this if pre-arranged.  Please make these arrangements with your rental company directly. You can view a range of different rental car company policies here: http://www.bluebridge.co.nz/trip-info/rental-car-and-parking-information 

What long-term parking options are available near your terminals?

We’ve compiled the following list of parking information for you at both our terminals.


My Bluebridge

I forgot to register online for ‘My Bluebridge’ at the time of booking, can I do this retrospectively?

This log-in is for customers who have previously registered for 'My Bluebridge'. Unfortunately registration is only available at the time of making a booking. If you require details of your current or previous bookings with us please email details to Bluebridge.Bookings@straitnz.co.nz.  If you’re unsure of your booking reference numbers, be sure to let us know the email address that was used to make your booking as this will help speed things up.

I would like to change my sailing date/time, but can’t seem to find where I do this in ‘My Bluebridge’

Unfortunately, you currently cannot amend your own booking via the ‘My Bluebridge’ area. Please email Bluebridge.Bookings@straitnz.co.nz with your booking reference and the new sailing information so we can amend your booking if possible. Please be sure to check the availability on our website first to speed things up. 



I’m a member of the NZMCA can I still book online and receive my discount?

You sure can, simply enter the special NZMCA promo code on the price & availability screen when making a booking on our website. Hint: you can find out what this is by logging in to the secure NZMCA member's only area. Please remember that you must present your New Zealand Motor Caravan Association Inc. membership card along with photo identification upon check-in otherwise you will be required to pay the full fare amount.

I'm a senior citizen, am I entitled to a discount with you?

Discounted Super Sail and Flexi Sail fares are available all year round to customers who are over 60 years of age, OR who hold a Super Gold Card, a New Zealand Seniors Card or a Grey Power Card. A valid membership card or a valid proof of age document such as a driver’s license or passport is required at the time of check-in. 

I’m a student, am I entitled to a discount with you?

We don’t offer a specific year-round student discount. The best available rate you’re going to be able to find is called our Saver Sail fare. If you're a cardholder of one of these partner organisations then there may be a promo code that applies to you:http://www.bluebridge.co.nz/aboutus/our-partners/  alternatively make sure you're signed up over here so you're among the first to learn about deals when they surface: http://www.bluebridge.co.nz/cook-strait-ferry-bookings-and-fares/register-for-updates/ 

I'm a TOP 10 Holiday Park Club Member, am I eligible for  a discount with your company?

No, sorry we currently do not have a discount with TOP 10 Holiday Parks.

I'm a singer/entertainer/band member and would like to play for my passage across Cook Strait, can I do this?

Unfortunately no. Space on board our current operational fleet is very limited so there isn’t a suitable area in which this activity could take place without impacting on our operation, unfortunately.


Luggage & Pets

Can I take my pets with me?

Of course, you can’t leave Rover at home while you head off on holiday! You are welcome to bring your pet dog or cat on board but it must be kept either in your own vehicle or in a kennel on the vehicle deck during the journey. Kennels are available for hire at $10 per kennel.

Horses and other livestock need to be booked through our freight department. For quotes and enquiries please call them on 0800 162 322 or email Freight.Wellington@straitnz.co.nz

I think I left something on board the ferry/in your terminal.  Who do I contact about Lost & Found?

Please send a clear description of the item you have misplaced and where you think you left it, along with your full name and booking reference to Bluebridge.Bookings@straitnz.co.nz


Affiliated Reseller of Bluebridge

How do I become an Affiliated Reseller of Bluebridge Cook Strait Ferry?

Please visit this section of the website which is full of information including our Affiliate Reseller application process: http://www.bluebridge.co.nz/traveltrade  



What currency are the prices displayed on our website?

All prices on our website are in New Zealand dollars.

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